The Basics on Scrap Metal Recycling

Recycling scrap metal is one of the best moves towards creating a healthy environment. The benefits accrued from it are numerous. If you're thinking of clearing your area of scrap and getting paid for it, there are things you should know to make the best out of it. 

Why Recycle Metal?

Recycling reduces the amount of ore drilling worldwide and leads to a greener, cleaner environment by protecting natural resources. Moreover, scrap metal can generate income, and there are an increasing number of local scrap yards all over the planet that exchange the scrap for money. Metals like aluminum, brass, copper, iron and steel can all be recycled, so it's best not to throw them away as garbage.

Measuring Worth of Scrap Metals

To gather the most valuable metals, use a magnet to test their worth. The most valuable of metals are non-ferrous, which makes them non-magnetic, and these pay a larger amount in relation to the ferrous ones. Metals like stainless steel, bronze, copper and aluminum are non-magnetic, and collecting more of these metals increases the amount you will be paid.

Some examples of magnetic materials include iron and even steel. However, they are not invaluable; these metals are also accepted in scrap yards.

Sorting Scrap

The best move to make before heading to the scrap yard is to try and sort the metal scraps first. Get the non-ferrous away from the ferrous metals, and as for the copper pieces, categorize them into three groups: light copper, which consists mainly of electrical wiring; medium copper, which is mostly copper tubing; and heavy copper, like heater tanks, which are the most expensive. Remove any presence of insulators or fitting attached to your metals, and distinctively place all the different metals separately. Sorting eases the work of the people in the scrap yard, and as an added bonus, you won't have labor costs subtracted from your pay.

Scrap metals are everywhere around you, from the unused hangers in your closet to the tin cans and metals present in your bin. Try and have a separate bin for metal substances only and take the initiative of gathering these metals to be recycled. This will not only fill extra dollars in your kitty, but will also take the planet a step toward a better environment.

Ensure you know your metals, figure out their differences and start making money with scrap metal recycling. A company like Raw Metal Corp can help you get started.