Recycling Copper Wires: It Matters Because You Need Sustainable Business Practices

Copper might not be a material you run into every day, but that doesn't demonstrate its usefulness in today's industrial activities. It is of the most versatile metals available on the market, with lots of use in electrical cabling, plumbing, construction and musical instruments. Unfortunately, when all of these elements run into physical or mechanical damage, the copper wires often become non-biodegradable waste. Your business can do better by recycling all the copper wires used for different purposes to mitigate the negative effect that the waste has on the environment. Read the following piece for an in-depth discussion on recycling copper wires to improve your business practices:

Why Should You Recycle?

Any first-time business proprietor would be curious to understand the value proposition for recycling copper wires. So why should you invest time and resources in this project? Well, there are several reasons, and here are some of the compelling ones:

  • Protecting the environment — Your operations should contribute positively to efforts aimed at conserving the environment. When you recycle copper wires, they will not end up in landfills where they lower the soil's productivity.
  • Source of cash — How many times do you get a chance to make money from waste? Copper wires offer one of such rare opportunities. Selling your scrap copper wires to recycling dealers will earn you some money. It's also leverage for creating partnerships for your products with scrap dealers, where they can supply you with something else and have you pay with tonnes of scrap wires.

What Goes Into the Work?

Earning good money or getting value from your scrap copper wires requires some work. Copper can be challenging to recycle compared to other metals. For example, you must separate the copper wires from other secondary materials such as insulation tubes and fittings. The best practice is to process the insulated copper wire using a special chopping machine to separate the reusable wire from the insulation.

What Copper Wires Do Recyclers Want?

Recyclers look for scrap wire that gives them the best value for money. For this reason, they are picky with the type of copper wires they will take from you for recycling. Knowing what they pay attention to will help you prepare the scrap well to have the correct price tag. Most recyclers are open to handling bare bright wires, insulated wires, copper chops and copper tubing. Bare bright copper has the highest scrap value because it is plain, uncoated, unalloyed and clean. It's essentially fabricated copper in its natural state.

To learn more about how to get cash for wires, talk to a local recycling company.