Gold & Green: How You Can Make Cash Recycling Your Household Rubbish

The average Australian produces 650kg of waste every single year, making this country the second highest waste producer in the world. It's no surprise that more and more people are turning to recycling to save the environment, but did you know that your wallet could benefit just as much? In addition to making the world greener, recycling can also bring you extra cash - especially if you're consistent. If you want to make the world a better place and boost your bank balance, here are 3 household refuse items you can recycle for cash.  

Scrap Metal

Don't throw your scrap metal away with the rest of the trash! From aluminium cans to car parts, almost any old metal you have can net you big bucks with scrap metal recycling plants. Depending on the type of metal you're getting rid of, metals recyclers will pay you several cents to several dollars per kilo. If you've got too much scrap metal to transport yourself, ask about pick up and collection services - it's quick, simple, and profitable.

Household Containers

Can you believe the used packaging containers you toss in the bin every day could be worth 10 cents a piece? Container Deposit Legislation (CDL) is currently active in South Australia and the Northern Territory, and will be introduced Queensland and New South Wales by 2018. This government scheme offers you money for any containers with approved labels, so check your local government site for more information on which refuse you can get paid for. The bottles and tubs you have no use for can be broken down and made into new packaging, reducing environmentally damaging manufacturing process. If you have children at home, have them earn their pocket money by helping you sort the containers before taking them to a collection point.

Electronic Components

Every year, tens of millions of computers and televisions reach the end of their lifespan. Storing them in your home uses up valuable space, and dumping them in landfills can cause dangerous chemicals to leak into the surrounding natural area. Why risk the Earth's future when you could recycle these old gadgets for money? From electronics recycling plants to online "cash for X" buyers, there are plenty of people who will happily take your old goods off your hands and put them to good use. Recyclers safely dismantle and process your electronics, preventing lead, mercury and arsenic from poisoning the land. In return, you'll earn a tidy sum - what's not to like?