Tips For Properly Recycling Glass

Although it may seem like common sense is all that is needed when recycling glass bottles, a quick look around a regular recycling facility will belie this fact. Many people continue to recycle their glass bottles incorrectly; this simply gives more work to the staff at the recycling center or means that  the glass cannot be recycled as it is. If a recycling bank is full, many people will simply leave the glass on the ground next to the full bin rather than take it elsewhere to be recycled. To avoid this situation, and to make it easy to recycle all glass bottles, this article examines some tips regarding glass recycling.

Wash The Glass

It is surprising that so many people will simply put a used glass bottle into their recycling bin without cleaning the glass, or even bother to remove the lid. Both of these things mean that the glass has to be treated by a member of staff before being recycled. To avoid this, get into the habit of running the empty glass bottle under warm water to wash off the food residue. Before placing it in your recycle container, take the lid off and put it in your trash bin. This means that the bottle can be recycled as you hand it over and only takes a couple minutes of your time to prepare the glass correctly.

Recycle Perfume Bottles

Many people fail to realize that perfume bottles can also be recycled if they are made from glass. More times than not, a person will recycle jam jars, mayonnaise jars and sauce jars, but will omit perfume or aftershave bottles. These items can be recycled even easier than other glass bottles and jars, as it is fine to keep the lids and sprayers on bottles of perfume and aftershave. The sprayer and lid will simply be crushed and will become a part of the recycled material.


People tend to think that as long as they take their glasses and bottles to a recycling facility, it doesn't really matter where the glass ends up with respect to the different colored bins available for the glass; one bin is as good as the next. This is somewhat naïve, as mixing the colours of glass will always result in lower quality recycled glass. Remember that blue coloured bottles can be put in green glass banks without reducing the quality of recycled glass. Ensure you take an extra couple of minutes to separate the colors of glass as you put them into the receptacles. Remember, frosted bottles can also be recycled at a recycling center.

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