Top Strategies to Improve Scrap Metal Recycling

Although significant steps have been made regarding scrap metal recycling, the industry has been grappling with a few issues over the past few years. The challenges have affected the industry's performance since the growth rate dropped at the rate of -5.4% between 2014 and 2019. This article highlights strategies that recycling companies can take to improve scrap metal recycling. Incentivise Collection One of the many issues that scrap metal recycling companies deal with is inefficiency in the collection. [Read More]

Questions To Ask An Auto Recycler When Seeking Cash For Cars

A broken-down vehicle on your property may seem to be not worth any effort on your part, more so if the vehicle is beyond repair. Thus, you may be letting the car sit on your property indefinitely since you do not have anything better to do with it. However, have you considered cash for cars? Numerous auto recyclers offer money for junk vehicles since they can repurpose functional components in the vehicle and recycle the scrap metal for alternative uses. [Read More]

How Can You Estimate the Value of Your Scrap Metal?

Determining the value of scrap metal can be difficult, especially if you have it in large amounts. To most people, a pile of scrap metal may just seem like junk; however, it can be valuable depending on the metals present. Estimating the value of the scrap can give you an idea of the amount of money that you can make from this venture. Here are some ways in which you can be able to make an estimate before handing over the metal to the scrappers. [Read More]

Identifying Scrap Metal You Can Recycle For Cash

Do you have scrap metal from a renovation project, or perhaps you moved into a property that has lots of bric-a-brac lying around? The scrap metal that's taking up valuable space in your garage, shed or garden could actually earn you some quick cash. Recycling centres pay for scrap metal and you don't need large quantities to do business with them. They pay by the kilo and will agree on a price with you based on the current market rate. [Read More]