Services Offered by Scrap Metal Buyers

If you want to make some extra money, or you are entering the scrap metal field as an occupation, you will need to deal with a scrap metal buying company in order to reach your goals. But as this is your first entrance into the field, you may need more information about the services these companies provide, so that you're prepared to take full advantage when the time comes. So with that in mind, here are the services these companies (like West Coast Metals) can offer you.

Non-Ferrous Scrap Buying -- Scrap metal buyers will offer you money for what they call 'non-ferrous' scrap metal, which are all metals that do not contain iron. These include aluminum, brass, copper, lead, nickel and tin. Non-ferrous scrap is more in demand because it is much easier to recycle and also easier to reconstruct for other uses, since there is no iron to make the metal hard. You will also see far less corrosion and rust with non-ferrous metals, which means that recycling them is more efficient and less costly than trying to restore metals that contain iron. Non-ferrous metal is recycled and used in components such as motors, cabling, lead pipes and stainless steel.

E-Waste Buying -- Another service that a scrap metal buyer can offer is known as E-waste recycling. E-waste is any consumer electronic equipment that has exceeded its shelf life. The equipment may still work, but it is old and out of date, and a prime candidate for recycling. Common examples of e-waste are printers, computers, DVD players, mobile phones, stereos, fax machines, TVs, video games and keyboards. Many of these items have usable copper and other non-ferrous metals that can be stripped and sold. A scrap metal buyer can offer you money for this e-waste that otherwise would just go into a landfill.

Vehicle Scrap Buying -- If you own a vehicle that's ready for the scrap heap, that's exactly where you should take it. Scrap metal buyers offer cash for broken  down and unusable vehicles, because these are a treasure-chest of non-ferrous metal, especially copper. The alternator, radiator, starter and electrical wiring in your vehicle are all made with copper elements, which a scrap metal buyer can remove and sell. In addition, your vehicle also has a lot of aluminum, which is one of the most recyclable metals in the world. Aluminum parts include body panels, bumpers, pistons and wheel rims.