Identifying Scrap Metal You Can Recycle For Cash

Do you have scrap metal from a renovation project, or perhaps you moved into a property that has lots of bric-a-brac lying around? The scrap metal that's taking up valuable space in your garage, shed or garden could actually earn you some quick cash. Recycling centres pay for scrap metal and you don't need large quantities to do business with them. They pay by the kilo and will agree on a price with you based on the current market rate. [Read More]

Gold & Green: How You Can Make Cash Recycling Your Household Rubbish

The average Australian produces 650kg of waste every single year, making this country the second highest waste producer in the world. It's no surprise that more and more people are turning to recycling to save the environment, but did you know that your wallet could benefit just as much? In addition to making the world greener, recycling can also bring you extra cash - especially if you're consistent. If you want to make the world a better place and boost your bank balance, here are 3 household refuse items you can recycle for cash. [Read More]

Tips For Properly Recycling Glass

Although it may seem like common sense is all that is needed when recycling glass bottles, a quick look around a regular recycling facility will belie this fact. Many people continue to recycle their glass bottles incorrectly; this simply gives more work to the staff at the recycling center or means that  the glass cannot be recycled as it is. If a recycling bank is full, many people will simply leave the glass on the ground next to the full bin rather than take it elsewhere to be recycled. [Read More]

Services Offered by Scrap Metal Buyers

If you want to make some extra money, or you are entering the scrap metal field as an occupation, you will need to deal with a scrap metal buying company in order to reach your goals. But as this is your first entrance into the field, you may need more information about the services these companies provide, so that you're prepared to take full advantage when the time comes. So with that in mind, here are the services these companies (like West Coast Metals) can offer you. [Read More]